AstroTurf products & applications

AstroTurf Classic – Domestic Use

AstroTurf Classic Door mats

Available sizes:

  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 40 x 70 cm
  • 55 x 90 cm

Other sizes available under request

AstroTurf Utopia- Door mats

“Add Design to the AstroTurf Quality, and get Utopia mats : the only
design mats that scrape the shoes and efficiently stop the dirt!”

60*90 cm

50*75 cm

AstroTurf Extra Wide mats / mini rolls

“Suitable for: Conservatory, Patio, Double doors

Sizes : 40*120 cm or 40*240 cm

AstroTurf Classic rolls

Sizes : 0.91 m * 17 m

AstroTurf High Performance – High traffic use

AstroTurf High Performance roll

For sectors with high traffic but also for big surfaces, AstroTurf® mats are adapted to all the needs, even
the most demanding. Easy to set up : cut the roll mats to size to suit your needs!”

Sizes : 0.91 m * 16 m

AstroTurf Accessories

AstroTurf® offers a complete range of accessories for floor mats, for a
developing presentation but also for a perfect finish, combining the
efficiency with a result completed up to the slightest detail.”

Pls download our full catalogue here.

AstroTurf Classic Door mats

AstroTurf Utopia mats

AstroTurf Extra Wide mats

AstroTurf rolls

Other Applications

AstroTurf® mats can be use everywhere inside and outside the house for domestic use or professional use.
Entrance mat, kitchen mat, garage mat, feel free to use them as you want

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