Why AstroTurf?

Efficient even in the worst situations!

Shake your doormat, you will be surprised how much dirt the mat can hide!
Even in the worst situations, thousands of grass-like blades (more than 60 000 /m2) scrape shoes clean and hide the dirt. AstroTurf® mats look always clean and are suitable for home use as well as for intensive professional use.

AstroTurf is durable and easy to clean

Made from polyethylene, AstroTurf® mat is durable. Sunlight and rain resistant

Hygienic safe

AstroTurf® mat resists microbes, bacteria and fungi. Our mats are durable, resist mould and will not shed or rot

Clean with one jet of water

Just shake the AstroTurf® mat : you will be surprised how much dirt it can hide ! The mats can be easily cleaned by shaking and hosing down or in one jet of water!

Easy to install!

AstroTurf® roll mat is always easy to unwind : Cut the mat to size to suit your needs! And then enjoy it!